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Check out this list of hot properties!  Schedule a visit NOW before they are gone!

Dropbox, where you can have access to your docs at your fingertips!

Dropbox is the one stop shop for online cloud storage!  You can store all of your documents, photos and more in one place for easy access.  It also syncs with your smartphone, tablet and desktop so that you will have the same files across the board!

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator is a easy-to-use tool that helps you understand the repayment requirements a mortgage will require. Mortgage Calculator factors in a number of important parameters to provide the most accurate results, and tells you what your monthly or bi-weekly mortgage payments will be as well as your future payoff date.

Use this to make wise decisions when investing in Real Estate!

Listen to this complation of Motivational Videos called "Sacrifice"

Watch this powerful video that will get you pumped up and motivated to ACHIEVE!  Make the sacrifice!  Go do it!

Motivational Video: Sacrifice

Use this link to look up the available listings in any area!  Remember what Marc taught you about Location, location, location-City, Neighborhood, Property!

This is a very useful tool at staying ahead of the game and getting the hottest deals on the market!
Download this as an app and save in your bookmarks for easy access!

This is another key resource to see the hottest properties available!  Use this tool to customize your search and  find the right properties to own!


Here are some apps for you to download:

1. AWI App (if you don't already have it, THIS IS IMPORTANT!  It will tell you which property to buy/pass by turning green for yes, red for no)

2. Gas Buddy (This app will show you the cheapest gas prices in your area!)


3. Vonage (Try this service for free using our referral code.  This way, you can give out this number instead of using your personal number)



This is an incredible way to earn dependable, residual income by provide HUD with housing!  Go through this site and learn the guidelines about HUD and how to get started with providing their tenants with housing! 

Small Business Administration

Learn the ins and outs with having a Small Business Here!  This is a useful resource that will help you start your real estate business right!

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