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Meet Marc Wallace "The Wealth Trainer"


20 years ago, upon graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a Master Degree in Science, Marc secured a position as a Manufacturing engineer with an incredible salary of $104,000! Over time, he eventually amassed an enormous debt of $275,000.  Things were going very well for Marc and his family, until the devastating day that his position was suddenly eliminated.


Instead of wallowing in his situation, Marc decided to take action!  Relying on GOD, past experiences, and what he learned from previously working with the Chicago Board of Trade, GE, and R.R. Donnelly; Marc took a leap of faith by investing into Real Estate instead of returning to Corporate America. With dedication, hard-work, discipline and knowledge, Marc paid off the remainder of his mortgage with ONE PAYMENT of $121,000 in just two years!  He now currently has no debt and has exited the Corporate "Rat Race" for good!

Being able to educate and mentor others on how to acquire and manage Real Estate has proven to be Marc’s calling! Marc is passionate about teaching his techniques to others and supplying them with the tools to attain the same wealth and lifestyle that he enjoys!  

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